Legal Course Seminars re*start

What are the steps of the asylum procedure? What do I have to look out for? What happens at the hearing? And what happens afterwards? What is the Dublin procedure? What can I do against an imminent deportation? How can I find a flat? How can I bring my family?

In open und free-of-cost Question and Answer Seminars we aim to explain how migration and asylum law functions in Germany. We want to pay attention to contradictions and peculiarities.

The seminars are adressed to everybody who would like to receive or share information and who opposes this racist migration regime. Most of us study law or work in legal professions. The seminars want to provide a space for a mutual exchange und for networking.

08.02 18h
24.02 17h
08.03 18h
24.03 17h
(languages: Urdu,Punjabi,English,German,Spanish)

Location: Ami*Curiae

following translations can be organized for each session if you let us know a couple of days in advance

Arabic | Urdu | Punjabi | Dari/Farsi | English | German | French | Spanish | Portuguese | Italian | Romanian | Serbo- Croatian | Suryoyo

Child Care
Please let us know per Mail or telephone if you wish to have child care for the session

Flyer: (print DinA5) Legal Course Program (eng)

New dates of the open Legal Course Program

Are available at the following link:

Legal Seminars in March & June 2017

All information in the attachment: Flyer legal seminars

Legal course program has a new start in 2017

Please see the attached flyer for the new Legal Course Program in January-February 2017: Flyer legal seminars.

Seminar on deportations will not take place on 28.04.2016

Unfortunately, the seminar on “deportations” topic on 28.04.2016 will not take place as planned. The upcoming program for following months will be published shortly…

Legal Course Program Continues (Jan-Mar 2016)

Please refer to the main program of the Ami* Curiae project spaces to find information about coming seminars:

Seminar on the topic “deportation” on the 4th Feb 2016 will not take place

The Legal Course Program concerning the topic “deportation” by NoBorder Camp Berlin Reloaded (NBBR) will not take place today. Next seminar will be on wednesday, 02/10/2016 with the topic “refugee´s work rights.

further information:

Legal Course Program Restarts in the New Projectspace in Berlin-Wedding

Legal Course Program has a new start!

Please download the current schedule for November-December 2015 with the actual dates: ENGLISH + GERMAN PROGRAM

5th November 2015: “Dublin Procedure”
Collective cooking starts at 15:00
Seminar and food for donation at 17:00

Ami* Curiae
Prinzenallee 58 C
(2. Backyard, Ground floor)
13359 Berlin

Public Transport:
U8 Pankstraße | S1 + S2+ S85 Wollankstraße | M13 + Tram50 Osloer Str./Prinzenallee | M27 Prinzenallee/Soldiner Str.

Further Information:

The Seminars aim at revealing the functioning of “alien and asylum laws” including the contradictions in their application. They are addressed to all people who want to oppose these racist rules. The idea is, to create space for mutual exchange and connection, and particularly, to provide an independent meeting point for self-organizing people.

The seminars start at 3 pm with joint cooking and eating. This is meant to enable informal, relaxed contact and conversations, so the seminars can be designed with equal rights by all participants. Child care will be provided. The languages of the seminars will be English and German. If you like to have translations into other languages, please contact us at least three days in advance. The sessions will end by 8 pm.

UPDATE on the Legal Seminars Infrastructure

The Legal Course Program encountered similar difficulties as the Documentation and Networking Tour (for context see NBBR main blog). On the basis of these experiences and discussions with the participants, the Legal Course Program is being restructured. There will be regular updates regarding this.

In the meantime the different seminars will be provided „on-demand“. If you and others are interested in a specific topic (Residenzpflicht as a human right’s violation, The asylum procedure, Rights during police controls (and Racial Profiling), Dublin III, Deportations, Children’s Rights) please contact NBBR through mail (or phone – for contacts see here).

Next Week: NBBR-Soli-Tresen and delicious vegan KüFa

When Wednesday, 5th of November, 8 p.m.

Where Friedelstr. 54 (Soli goes to Friedel).

Why to get together, to see where the NBBR process stands at the
moment, to share the results of the re-evaluation of the nbbr , to
discuss your critique and proposals AND to have a fun and relaxed
evening, – everybody is invited!

Dear people

It has been a long time since the last mail. However, the NBBR process
continues, with ups and downs and times of re-evaluation and
re-gathering. In the last months a detailed overview of the last 2,5
years of NBBR took place:

During the re-evaluation of the process a lot of critique likewise self
critiques have been raised. A major point was that NBBR failed in
providing public up-to-date information regarding programs such as the
Neighborhood-forum and regarding discussions on topics like the No
Border Camp Space. This lack of information made it difficult to
participate for those interested. It was decided collectively that a
major re-structuring is necessary in order to re-open the process, to
follow up the aim of creating a safer space (both social centre and camp
space) and to connect the different existing infrastructures and
programs so that they could form an instrument for activists to
autonomously fight for real equality.

Warm Greetings,

p.s.: If you want to read a more detailed account of the re-evaluation
and practical conclusions, please see this document (Information
Statement, 29.10.2014). You can also always come by during the open
office hours on Mondays, 4-8 p.m. at the NBBR office at NewYorck im